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fmgeForeign Medical Graduates Exam (FMGE) – MCI screening

National Board of Examinations (NBE) conducts Foreign Medical Graduates Exam (FMGE) commonly known as MCI exam or MCI screening for foreign medical graduates. FMGE is conducted twice a year. The syllabus of this FMGE exam is as per MBBS course pre-medical, para-clinical and clinical. This is basic exam for Indian citizen who has gained his Medical degree from outside India. FMGE was mandatory in 2002 as a MCI screening test for all foreign medical graduates. MCI registration for foreign medical graduates can happen only after passing FMGE. In last 12 years, more than 77% of candidates who appeared for FMGE test were unable to pass it. In last 5 years, FMGE pass rate percentage has even gone down to less than 18%. A number of graduates from medical universities in China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries are unable to clear this exam.

Most of the FMG foreign medical graduates have all the potential to become good doctors. In current scenario, India require a huge number of doctors. It should be government’s priority to somehow include foreign medical graduates into mainstream medical system so that gap can be reduced.

Foreign medical degrees are not even considered academic in India as per UGC standards. Hence foreign medical graduates cannot even work in non-clinical health related areas. Without passing MCI sreening test, foreign MBBS degree is just a piece of paper. There cannot be MCI registration for foreign medical graduates without passing MCI screening FMGE. According to some reports, unsuccessful candidates sometimes start medical practice but this comes with a risk of getting caught. There are no jobs for non mci doctors or doctors with no mci registration. Candidates have to get good marks in FMGE result.

fmge pass percentage

Reason why so many fail FMGE

Most of the foreign medical graduates have all the potential to become good doctors. According to some estimates, there are more than 24000 foreign medical graduates not been able to get registered with MCI. Every year, huge number of candidates fail in FMGE. Fmge exam is considered a tough nut to crack. Students wait with anxiety for Fmge result. There are a number of Fmge failed candidates. FMGE failed candidates wait for new positive news from MCI. MCI screening test is a mandatory requirement for practicing in India. Candidates should inquire thoroughly about eligibility criteria, admission details and FMGE syllabus before taking FMGE. Some candidates waste many years of their peak career in preparing for FMGE.

There are various reasons for such a huge number of FMGE failed candidates – difference in medical standards between countries, difference in medical procedures & medications, quality education, language of study and many more.  The major reason for this difference in curriculum followed in Indian medical schools and foreign medical schools. The future career of these aspirants is not secure if they fail in FMGE.

Failed FMGE candidates dont have many option in front of them. It is also seen that foreign medical graduates start looking for alternative careers as their are no jobs for non MCI doctors. There are very few foreign medical graduates option if you have failed FMGE.

Best option for Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGE)

Now you don’t need to worry if you are a foreign medical graduate and you are unable to clear FMGE exam. You can still make a great career and utilize your education to serve the need of this society. No need to think how to pass Fmge. There are many option for which MCI screening test is not required.

Foreign Medical Graduates Options  <—— Click

Best option for FMGE candidates is to enroll in 1 or 2 year post graduate course in UK. You get an opportunity to study in UK standards. Develop your skills and knowledge in world’s leading universities and research centers. Now FMGE candidates who have not cleared MCI test can study in any one of the following specialties. The best part is that MCI screening test is not required.

  • Diabetes
  • Oncology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Dermatology
  • Orthopedics
  • Radio Diagnosis
  • and many more ……

Get accredited in UK after which you can practice in UK as well as in India and 47 more countries without taking any screening test. There will be no need to appear for MCI screening test.

If you are looking for jobs then please click and visit —> Jobs for FMG doctors in India without MCI.

FMGE December 2018

FMGE was conducted in December 2018 and results were out on January 04, 2019. A total of 12077 candidates appeared in the FMGE examination. 1275 candidates have qualified the exam. We wish them all the best for future. Result of 774 candidates have been withheld due to various reasons. More than 10 thousand FMGE candidates have not qualified the exam. We advice them to look at other options available and not waste their precious time. If these FMGE candidates study from one of the top ranking UK universities, and get themselves accredited there, they have the option of getting a license to practice in UK and in India without any MCI screening or FMGE.

Cost of Studies for FMGE

Contrary to the popular belief, cost of study in UK is not very high. Foreign graduates (FMGE) can pursue their dream medical career from UK. There are many scholarships available. FMGE candidates can also do part time work while studying post graduation in medical studies from UK. While doing core medical training, FMGE graduates get a very good amount of stipend. The overall cost for studying post graduation in medical studies from UK is just few lacks. The benefits associated are much more. After successful completion, FMGE candidates can work in UK or India that too without MCI screening.



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