Interview Preparation Guide

Interview Preparation Guide

A Medical Interview is normally the final step towards securing an admission in PG course in medical school. The University assesses many things about a candidate during the GMC interview – knowledge, quality, communication skills, motivation, team working, leadership skills and many such things. Interview not only tests the knowledge but many other things as well. Interviewer also use interview to assess candidates reaction to stress, and to see if they can cope with the pressure of medical practice. It also tests the candidate’s ability to learn. The interview is also about assessing you ability to see if you can come up with plausible solutions, even if you don’t know the answer.

Candidates are supposed to show the motivation and convince the interviewer that they have the capability of being a good doctor and they are the best fit candidates for the program. You are expected to do your thorough research related to medicine, GMC, and UK medical system. Although it is not possible to anticipate every question that may be asked during the interview. You are expected to make the first impression appearance wise, have a great knowledge about your subject and must be able to convince that you are the best fit for MD program.

GMC interview is going to be a telephonic interview. Please don’t make a mistake of thinking that this is going to be a less formal interview since it is over the phone. A telephonic interview has several advantages as well as many challenges.

Dressing for the Interview

Normal accepted practice is

For men – a full suit

For women – a full suit OR smart shirt and skirt

Things to take care of

  • Neatness in clothes and overall
  • Nails should be cut
  • Neat and professional hair style

Things to avoid

  • Excessive shiny jewellery
  • Bold and controversial dress code
  • Flashy color shirts / tie / scarf
  • Excessive make-up
  • Any dirt on clothes
  • Gum, coffee, soda should not be present
  • If possible, cover tattoos