How to Select the Right Country for Studying MBBS Abroad?

Research Well About the Country

While choosing the country to pursue your MBBS education, make sure:

  • It is recognized for quality education by WHO, IMED, European Union, MCI, and other international medical boards. To ensure that student’s employment opportunities are not weakened due to non-recognition.
  • It has a huge scope for the healthcare industry concerning innovation, technological advancement in hospitals, patient care management, exposure to different diseases to treat and prevent them, etc.
  • Its medical institutions are capable of providing quality education.
  • The education curriculum is competent enough to allow students to imbibe immense learning from the external environment as well.

Below are few criteria against which you can choose your destination

1. Value for money

By far, this is the most common criteria. You should compare with Top places of MBBS study before taking any decision.

2. Tenure of course

Unlike India, many countries have flexible education system and student need to cover x number of subjects.  Saving one year is big thing in life so tenure is important criteria.

3. Location of institute and country

Though this factor is not so important as far as education quality is concerned but the living quality does make a difference.

4. Distance from India international airports, flight timings and availability of direct flights

Though this factor is not so important as far as education quality is concerned but, it is important for the comfort of student/ parent when they visit each other. For few this is important factors and for others it may not be very relevant.

5. Availability of Indian food

Generally it is available everywhere but the quality/ taste/ variety would again vary .

6. Look out FMGE Test previous results

FMGE is the name of test conducted by MCI as an exit exam for foreign medical graduates to get license to practice in India. For years 2012-2014, MCI published the results university wise. The total average percentage was 18% , Few countries and few colleges had pass percentage better than 18 and few had less than 18.

7-Study MBBS in MCI Screening Exempted Countries
As per Medical Council of India and Gazette of India dated 23/03/2011 “Screening Test Regulations, 2002 – Eligibility Criteria for OCI countries” clearly states that
“A person seeking provisional or permanent registration shall not have to qualify the MCI Screening Test if he/she holds an Under Graduate medical qualification from Australia/Canada/New Zealand/United Kingdom/United States of America and the holder thereof also been awarded a Post Graduate medical qualification in Australia/Canada/New Zealand/United Kingdom/United States of America and has been recognized for enrollment as medical practitioner in that country”.

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