Short term medical courses

An Oxford or Cambridge name on the certificate behind a doctor’s chair is something that cannot be ignored. How can MBBS graduate gain such an important certification and improve their medical skills that can add value to their profile and help benefit the society.

Shortage of Doctors

There is a huge shortage of specialist doctors in India. The shortage of doctors is even more in rural area. The government is trying very hard but unable to achieve required number of specialist. The existing healthcare system is unable to meet the needs of people of India. Doing short term medical courses from UK or any other country like USA, Canada or Australia can help in mitigating some shortages. Short term medical course from UK can enhance knowledge as well as give a global exposure. Knowledge gained from short term medical course can be applied for the benefit of society.

Global knowledge

Advance Clinical skills and knowledge related to a particular specialty or disease is a must for MBBS doctors. An expertise in medical specialty always help in career advancement. A knowledge upgradation from one the world’s top ranking university is highly beneficial. There are so many short term medical courses from UK in the field of surgery, trauma, radio-diagnosis, gynecology, cancer, ophthalmology, diabetes and many more. These helps in enhancing your skill set.

Time Affordability

After becoming a medical practitioner, a Doctor seldom gets time to pursue details long term courses. Short term courses from reputed universities are not available in India. Long term medical courses of 2 to 3 years are not practically possible for Doctors. Leading universities in UK are providing short term courses with duration of few days to few weeks.

A short term course provide multiple benefit

  • Learning in research based environment with focus on new technology
  • Networking with global leaders and senior professionals of medical fraternity
  • Certification from world’s top ranking university

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