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What to do after BTech? – Best answer —> Study MTech abroad

The best answer is STUDY MTech ABROAD and GET A WORLD CLASS JOB!!! There are many places for studying MTech abroad from where one can pursue M.Tech from abroad universities like – M Tech from Canada, M Tech from UK and other places. In current scenario, France is one of the best option for study MTech abroad after B.Tech in India.  French universities has excellent academic reputation. It is one of the most popular destination for studying abroad. France has more than 3 Lac international students in its various world class universities. France offer excellent opportunities in the field of engineering – academic learning, research as well as employment. France higher education system is one of the best in the world. A center of learning with a plethora of French Education, Paris is an ideal destination for foreign exchange and study abroad students.

Advantage of studying MTech abroad from France

  • World class Engineering Education MTech abroad
  • Very low fees – Economically very viable – nearly equivalent to MTech abroad free
  • Great employment opportunities in world class companies
  • French Universities have a 100% placement after successful completion of course
  • Chance to settle and work in best part of the world
  • After MTech abroad, MTech job abroad are much better
  • Research opportunities after study MTech abroad are much better and cutting edge technologies are available

France is working on the model of Cultural – Linguistic – Methodological Integration.

Students who want to experience the unique French culture along with an interactive study environment must consider an Education in France. The country is also centrally located in Europe and it is easy to reach other important cities, including Amsterdam, London, Brussels, Barcelona, Milan, perfect for a weekend getaway to complement your education Undertaking an education in France is the opportunity to live in the place that invented savoir-vivre—the art of living well. France is the most visited country in the world. The Most institutions of higher education in France are located in city centers, close to cultural and social life. Museums, libraries, cinemas, theaters, and cafes are rarely very far away.

Good News – India, France ink pact for mutual recognition of educational qualifications

India and France have signed MoU for “mutual recognition of educational qualifications”. Indian and France will recognize mutual degrees, meaning that for Indian students to study in France will get easy and less costly. This will provide students across-the-board recognition to degrees acquired in India. This will help in mobility of students and professionals between the two countries. This will directly benefit those students who have done their professional undergraduate qualification from India like BTech and want to study abroad in France for a higher post graduate qualification like MTech from France.

School education lasts 13 years in France but 12 years in India. Most undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are of the same duration in both countries — three and two years, respectively — but BTech courses in France are of three years compared with four years in India. Some French universities offer one-year master’s courses, which will be treated as equivalent to India’s two-year courses.

University Grants Commission says “Indian students will no longer face an admission hurdle to French undergraduate courses just because the schooling period is shorter in India”. Thus this becomes best option for MTech abroad after BTech.

This will help in promoting people-to-people exchanges between Indian and France.

This option is still not available for MTech in Canada or MTech in UK since at these places, Master degrees in engineering (MTech) are 1 year which are not recognized by UGC. This makes MTech from France better than MTech in UK or MTech in Canada.

French Education system – Best colleges for M.Tech in abroad

France is one of the most popular study destination in the world. It has an excellent culture, highly rated university system and relatively low tuition. Each year, close to 300,000 students travel to France for studying in its institutions.

Enrolling in a Masters program translates to making a significant investment in one’s professional career. There are many places in France where you can get admission in M.Tech from abroad universities. You can study M.Tech abroad in France which also offers a unique approach to engineering where future engineers basically learn ‘how to learn’, which train engineers to innovate, handle and manage open, complex, multidisciplinary and international projects right after they graduate. Institutions have a very high teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8. France is ahead in the field of various Engineering specializations – Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, or any other field. Hence an M.Tech in CS abroad or M.Tech in civil abroad from France is a very sought after professional. Getting training as a M.Tech in mechanical abroad from France adds value to your portfolio. As a leading engineering destination, France is committed to offering its students an unforgettable experience and international education.

In addition to the enhanced career prospects that can be gained by taking a Master in Engineering, students also develop valuable personal skills and fulfill a crucial prerequisite to PhD study. Specialized Masters and post diploma are courses whose purpose is to offer either a specialization or a double competency. They provide unique knowledge for a specific position or industrial sector in which companies have a real need. Master program develops skills for providing innovative and optimized solutions in the advanced design and manufacturing of products and structures for both research and industry. Engineering institutions of France realize the importance of research. As leading universities and colleges have a fully funded research and innovations department which foster and publish research of highest quality, and also provide end-to-end services which facilitate and support all stages of research and innovation development conducted by students and researchers. The research and innovation department also provides assistance to the school’s academic staff in their request for research funding and other support. This also answer the very basic question – What to do after B.Tech. M Tech courses in France work out 30-40% cheaper than similar ones in countries such as the M Tech in Canada, M Tech in USA, M Tech in UK or M Tech in Australia. Indian students in France have up to 24 months to find a job after completing courses. Almost 4 lakh Indian students traveled abroad to study last year. The number is likely to go up this year.

Cost of studying & Scholarships

French Universities are state-funded, so tuition is not high. There are 83 public universities and all are funded by national government. Plus you get M.Tech scholarships abroad. Being government universities, the cost of studying MTech abroad is at nominal cost.

All the public universities in France have government support and because of this, the tuition costs are very low. Despite that, the quality of education is high, no compromises have been made in this regard. Hence, in addition to the cuisine and lifestyle of this region, the fairer costs of obtaining master degrees explain why France is a top destination for graduate learners. You can also get lots of M.Tech abroad scholarships.

Cost of living & earning

International students may work part-time as long as they are registered at an institution. Even first-year students and students coming to France for the first time have the right to work part-time. The minimum hourly wage in France is 8,27 Euros which is more than enough to cover living cost. This enables you for studying M.Tech abroad free.

Overall cost of studying MTech abroad in France is going to be in the range of only Rs. 5L to 10 L

Language of teaching – English

Most of the institutions are bilingual, meaning you can take your course in English. Many French people speak English and French. Although English is used for daily communication during studies and research, it is still advices that students should learn French. All universities offer French as a subject. This also gives an opportunity to students in learning a great world language. Fluency in French is a great investment for your further professional career.

Employment opportunities

France is a country known for cutting-edge technology. It’s the country which has pioneered high-speed trains (TGV), high-speed cars (Renault and Peugeot) competing in Formula-1 race, superb rockets (Ariane Espace), airplanes (Airbus), fighter planes (Dassault), telecom satellites (Thalès ), tyres for fast cars (Michelin), best heat turbines (Alstom), and so on. France is currently among the 20 best performing countries in terms of the economy due to their excellent results-oriented higher education learning.

Throughout the study program, student engineers are in contact with people from the world of industry and research and gain concrete experience working on projects proposed by enterprise partners. France trains world’s future engineers and give them as much exposure as possible to the world of industry and enterprise during their studies via projects and internships. MTech abroad from France gives you an opportunity to start your career in world’s leading companies.

Completing a Masters degree in Engineering allow you to obtain automatic work permit in France. Starting salary in French companies range between 35,000 euros (Rs 24 lakh) and 40,000 euros (Rs 28 lakh) per year. After studying from France, you will be among some of the world’s top thinkers. You will receive a quality education at a surprisingly affordable price, making the effort well worth taking.

How to apply – Visa

For studying in France, you will require to apply for student’s visa. Our associate will help and guide you at every process of your application to university for admission, visa application to embassy, interviews, insurance, education loan, air-ticketing, and/or any other documentation.

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