Study in UK

Study in UK

There are plenty of educational opportunities in United Kingdom. The quality of education is excellent and is the best on the world. United Kingdom is known for its universities and education through-out the world. A degree from UK adds huge value to a student’s resume. UK universities are one of the highest ranked universities in the world. More than universities, these are the research centers for developing latest and finest cutting edge technologies. There are huge amount of employment opportunities available after studies from UK.

About UK

The scenic beauty of whole of UK – whether it is England or Scotland or Wales, is amazing. UK is an ideal place for spending life. London is also the financial capital of the world. Most popular cities in UK are London, Manchester, Liverpool, Burmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds and Glasgow. UK is known for multicultural diversity. There are more than a million Indians settled in UK. UK is known for its culture and rich history. It is also a leading country in many fields – Arts, Fashion, Finance, Industry, Music, Sports. UK is one of the highest developed nations in the world. Standards of living in UK are unmatched.

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Why choose UK?

  • Huge skill shortage in many areas such as Engineering, Aerospace, Medical Service, Waste Management, IT Specialist, Civil Industries and Social Workers
  • Average income for graduates in UK is in the range of £24000 to £45000 per annum
  • Emerging sectors like Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Financial Services, Nuclear, Wind Energy are bringing a boost to the economy
  • Cost of studying in UK is not very high. Through part time jobs, students can manage their living expenses. Huge number of scholarships are available
  • Chance to settle in one of the best country in the world

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Most popular universities for Indian students are

  1. Oxford University
  2. Cambridge University
  3. University of Hertfordshire
  4. Sheffield Hallam University
  5. Cardiff University
  6. Middlesex University
  7. University of Salford
  8. Coventry University
  9. University of Chester
  10. University of West London

Entry Requirement for studying in UK

  • Proper documentation
  • Reference letter
  • English proficiency test – IELTS / PTE
  • Personal Statement
  • Reference letter
  • Telephonic Interview

If you are looking to study in one of the top ranking university and wish to settle in one of the best part of the world, then UK is the place to be.

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