Post graduation courses after MBBS is always a point of worry for Indian doctors. On looking for alternative solutions, they literally have to decide to pursue Medical PG abroad. And at their age, probably, settle down abroad as a MD / MS! One of such destinations where the Indian doctors prefer to pursue medical post graduation in UK which is well worth the money spent on it!

Postgraduate study in the UK

Planning to pursue post-graduate medical education abroad? Here you find a wide range of exciting postgraduate degrees available to start in either May or September 2018, plus the option to study in London for Indian students to study in the UK.

Studying PG – MD/MS abroad after MBBS is a dream of many but few are able to achieve it. Medicine is one of the most lucrative course in UK and every year thousands of international students join it. Now you can also take admission in MD MS medical postgraduate admission in UK without PLAB. Pursue higher studies in Medical from UK and get the following benefits

  • World class top ranking Universities
  • Internationally recognized specialty medical courses
  • Recognized by MCI, WHO, ECFMG & GMC
  • No Entrance, No Donation, No Capitation
  • Reasonably low fee structure
  • Total package ranges between INR 15L to 80L – best value for money
  • Amazing culture, Technologically advanced, Learning atmosphere
  • A chance to settle in the best part of the World
  • Chance to get license for practice in multiple locations of the World

NHS – National Health Service

NHS National Health Service is a 70 year old service and its hospitals are known for its quality service around the world. It is the best healthcare system in the world. National Health Service employ more than 16 lac people making it the biggest employer in medical field through-out the world. Doctors who practice with NHS hospitals, gets extensive experience. NHS hospitals and UK universities offer best opportunities for Post graduate medical education in England / UK for Indian students. Students who study medicine in UK go through a rigorous medical training after primary medical studies followed by Foundation training, Specialty Training, GP and other run-through training. This helps in becoming a world class medical practitioner. This is one of the reason for studying medical PG from abroad / England / UK after MBBS from India.

According to some sources, due to Brexit, about 11% of the Physician workforce would be forced to leave UK thus creating a huge gap in vacancies. This can directly benefit those who are joining UK medical system in current time. This also makes studying PG course after MBBS in abroad or UK a very lucrative option. Lot of organisations and institutions have published their reports stating the anxiety over shortage of medical staff in England due to Brexit. <— CLICK

UK Universities

Universities of UK constantly feature in top 500-600 world rankings. More than universities, these are research centers. Pursuing MD/MS abroad from UK gives you an experience of studying at world’s best standards. You can join MD MS abroad from UK without PLAB. By studying PG abroad after MBBS in India, you can ensure yourself of getting the best and advanced knowledge in your field of specialization. The kind of research and teaching work carried out in UK universities is best in the world. Students who are passionate about developing their knowledge base, should certainly think of studying MD/MS abroad from UK. Studying at top global university helps candidates get an exposure of different cultures, language, environment, people which has a positive impact on maturity and confidence. Interacting with students of different countries helps you enhance knowledge base. The learning experience is incredible. Studying PG abroad after MBBS certainly improves procedural and clinical skills. 

All the programs are recognized my MCI in India. By pursuing your higher studies MD-MS abroad from UK, you are eligible for practicing in UK as well as India. You get international exposure alongwith introduction to best clinical practices. UK medical education system is one of the best in world, with many leading medical universities and medical schools with world class medical education. Doctors from UK are considered to be the best in the world and accepted worldwide. Doing PG from UK certainly adds value to the individual. You practice in global environment which helps you in enhancing your knowledge base. The focus of PG courses in UK is more on practical training and extensive knowledge which can be utilized during clinical practice.

You get the benefit of learning from some of the Europe’s leading doctors and researchers alongwith having an access to best research facilities at the medical institute and the hospital from where you do clinical practice. It is a huge learning experience for students who want to pursue PG abroad after MBBS in India. Students also gets the opportunity to hear lectures and debates from internationally renowned speakers. They also attend workshops where they are able to learn and experience cutting edge technologies in the concerned specialities. There are more than 25000 Indian doctors currently working in UK. After UK, India is the largest source country of doctors working in NHS. While studying MD MS in UK, students feel at home because most of the universities have Indians as professors and practitioners. There are also thousands of doctors who go to UK for clinical rotations, studying MD/MS from UK and gaining knowledge and they return to India for serving their country.

UK also offers many scholarships to its students. Meritorious students can achieve many scholarships. Some courses also offer stipend while doing clinical practice. Studying medical PG from UK is the best options if one wants to pursue PG courses after MBBS from abroad.

We specialize in MD MS admission abroad. Study MD MS abroad and add a vital qualification to your career. UK gives an edge as its education standards are the best in world. We have associated with many universities across UK to bring the Speciality you desire to pursue. Working in NHS (National Health Service) hospitals is a dream of every medical graduate.

There are many MD/MS courses abroad. We offer Post graduate medical education in UK for Indian students in the following specialities.


·         Internal Medicine ·         Orthopaedics ·         Gynaecology
·         Dermatology ·         Surgery ·         Psychiatry
·         Radiology ·         Opthalmology ·         Anesthetics
·         Paediatrics ·         Diabetes ·         Dentistry

MCI recognize UK post graduate qualification and there is no screening test for doctors who wish to practice in India after studying md/ms courses in UK. For students who have failed NEET-PG, they still have option to do their PG from UK. There are many top ranked universities which are offering PG/MD/MS courses in many specialities that too without PLAB.

No Entrance Test

We only require IELTS score of overall 7.0 Bands for admission in MD Programmes in UK. PLAB 1 and GMC registration is not required.

MCI-RTI No screening test for foreign medical postgraduates. <— CLICK

MD & MS in UK without PLAB and GMC have acceptability in India.

MCI also recognize post graduate qualification from UK as a qualification for Teachers in Medical Institutions. Now get double benefit – Study post graduation in UK after MBBS and get eligible for practice as well as teaching in India. MCI GAZETTE – Foreign MD equivalent to Indian MD for job   <—– CLICK

Please visit STUDENT’S QUERIES for any query / information related to PLAB, USMLE, overseas medical education or NEET-PG  and clear all your doubts related to PG abroad after MBBS in India. you can join post graduate Medical (PG) course in u.k after mbbs.

The admission process is long and complicated and there are very few seats for international students in every course. It is advised to apply early in order to secure a medical PG from UK seat for yourself. Every PG medical course from UK university has its own application deadline. If you want to study MD MS abroad or any other PG course abroad after MBBS from India, please get in touch with our associates for more information.

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