Student’s Queries (Management)

Q. What is the difference between an MBA abroad and a MBA from an IIM?

A. MBA abroad is a very generic term. I will concentrate my answer to MBA from English speaking countries – US, Canada and UK. Management studies is one such topic where one learns about global issues as well as local issues. Management fundamentals about local issues related to one place might not be as useful at other places. So it is always better to study MBA from a place where you plan to work and settle.

Now MBA from IIM is certainly a good choice if you want to work in India. It gives you best management study, faculty, infrastructure, networking, recognition and above all placements. But the area where India B schools lack is Research work. We have still not been able to develop credible management research environment for student. s and researchers.

B schools in USA, Canada and UK provides all the benefits of IIM alongwith credible research work. Being involved in continuous research enables graduates to develop innovation and creativity skills. It also helps in developing ‘learning skills’. This is also one of the main reason why Indian B schools dont find a place in top B schools of world whereas most of the top B schools of world are from USA, UK and Europe.

Q. What are my options for higher studies in Canada after Completing MBA in finance from India?

A. After completion of MBA finance from India, you can pursue any super specialization in finance from Canada. Canadian universities offer high quality education, learning environment, working opportunities and work permit post completion of course. You can opt for any course in Wealth management, international business management, financial services, fintech and many more.

Q. Can I go for higher studies abroad after completing my post-graduation in India?

A. Yes. There are many super-specialization courses available in every field of study. If you can be more specific about your field of study then I will be able to advice you better. First you need to decide which field or specialization you want to study. Then you need to choose the country from where you want to study. Then search about the universities offering those specialization and their entry requirement. This is followed by admission process and visa formalities. Some of the specialized courses I am mentioning below.

Management – after MBA you can go for – Wealth management, financial management, sports business management, digital media management, international business management and many more.

Engineering – after MTech you can go for – Big data analytics, automation, robotics, embedded intelligent system, AI, cyber security and many more.

Medical – after MD/MS you can go for – Cardiac, gastro, nephro, neuro, neo nato and many more.

Similarly there are super-specialization studies in almost every field of study.

Q. Can I study abroad with a budget of 4-5 lakh rupees?

A. Yes you can study abroad in this budget. You need to decide which course do you want to opt for and which place. If you can be more specific in your query then probably I might help you more. Many countries gives an option of part time work along with student visa, which helps you to cover your living expense. Also there are many scholarships and apprenticeships which takes care of your tuition fees. If you are able to get all of these then in some cases, the total cost of studying abroad is even lower than this budget.

We have helped students in getting admission and abroad studies where total cost after part time working and scholarships was negligible.

Q. Is an IGNOU degree valid for an MBA abroad?

A. Yes, degree from IGNOU is valid for taking admission in MBA abroad. IGNOU is a government university recognized by UGC.


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