Student’s Queries (Engineering)

Q. I am currently pursuing Btech(IT). How can I go abroad for my Mtech?


Q. Which gives a better career aft

The procedure for pursuing Masters from abroad is as follows.

Do research about various countries, institutions and specializations → learn about finance part and how you will fund you education → Learn about various types of scholarships available → Apply to at least 5 colleges (better if you can apply to more but this comes at a cost) → Go through the application process which may include some entrance tests, interview, ielts / toefl → after getting admission pay fees → apply for visa where you can take help of an approved agency (this is one crucial step because if your visa gets rejected then you efforts become useless) → after this you can go for studying abroad.

One most important thing is Employability. Please choose a course, institution and country where you can get a job after completion of course. The option of work visa post completion of Masters program should be available so that one can start job immediately after completion of studies.

There are various countries which might be considered – USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, etc. All of these countries have some benefits and some challenges. I personally feel that in current scenario, Germany, France and New Zealand offer good opportunity.

er BTech, doing an MTech at IITs or doing an MS abroad, for a civil student?

A. The answer is not very straight-forward. It depends upon what you want to do in life. Both of these options open different kind of opportunities.

MTech from IIT – You are likely to get placement in companies visiting IITs. You can go for further research work and build career in academic field. IIT tag is highly respected in India.

MS abroad – Opportunities depends upon from where you want to do your Masters. US, Canada, UK, Germany and France are best options for doing your Masters in Engineering. These countries offer best standard of living condition in addition to being best in the field of engineering research. You learn best and updated technologies. Most of the research is being done in these countries, they have best infrastructure and faculty. Placements and job opportunities are good. You can plan to settle in these countries after studying here.

Q. Which country will be best to do MS in civil engineering considering a job opportunity in the country after the course completion?

A. Canada, UK, Germany and France are some of the countries which offers engineering programs with world class universities and world class learning. In today’s scenario, these countries are also offering job opportunities post completion of Masters programs. The engineering skills required for civil activity in these places are much higher than those taught in Indian engineering colleges. One goes through a conducive learning atmosphere which helps him getting job further on.

Q. Which country is the best for a newly graduated Indian civil engineer to seek jobs?

A. Any country where there will be construction activity will be good prospect for civil engineers. In past decade, middle east was a lucrative option but in last 2 years, construction activity is slowed and hence requirement for engineers have also come down. Although construction is such a thing, which goes on everywhere, hence every country require civil engineers be it USA, Europe, Australia or Middle East.

The world is moving towards specialization and companies are either looking for experienced professionals or graduates with some kind of specialized study. In addition to this, the skills required for civil jobs in developed countries are very different from the skills taught in Indian engineering colleges. An alternate pathway of entering the job market of a developed country is to join a Masters course in civil engineering which will help you in directly getting a job in that country.

Q. Is full-time work experience necessary for doing an MS in computer science in a foreign university, especially in Canada?

A. It depends upon which university you choose to study. Some universities have designed their program in such a manner that work experience is required. Whereas there are universities which offer their MBA programs to even fresher candidates.

Alongwith MBA, there are many Masters programs in specialized field of management like – sports management, tourism management, financial management, digital marketing, global business management, etc. Employers now a days are more inclined to take candidates who are specialist in their fields. Remuneration is also better for specialists.

Q. Can I go for higher studies abroad after completing my post-graduation in India?

A. Yes. There are many super-specialization courses available in every field of study. If you can be more specific about your field of study then I will be able to advice you better. First you need to decide which field or specialization you want to study. Then you need to choose the country from where you want to study. Then search about the universities offering those specialization and their entry requirement. This is followed by admission process and visa formalities. Some of the specialized courses I am mentioning below.

Management – after MBA you can go for – Wealth management, financial management, sports business management, digital media management, international business management and many more.

Engineering – after MTech you can go for – Big data analytics, automation, robotics, embedded intelligent system, AI, cyber security and many more.

Medical – after MD/MS you can go for – Cardiac, gastro, nephro, neuro, neo nato and many more.

Similarly there are super-specialization studies in almost every field of study.

Q. How do I join a undergraduate automobile engineering in abroad? For an Indian student? What is the process and list of colleges?

A. Abroad is a very broad term. You need to decide which country you want to study from. Please search on internet about various countries and then drill down to few countries. Then search about various universities which are offering this course and try to gauge about employment opportunities after completion of the course.

Process of application is that you need to contact the university. Submit documents as required. Sometimes universities also want your statement of purpose, recommendation letters along with your transcripts. Then apply for visa. Pay university fees. Document handling and verification is also required at some places. Then once you get admission and student visa, you can go and study at your desired location.

Q. How do I get a scholarship to pursue an M.Tech/MS in India or abroad?

India – For pursuing MTech from India, you need to write GATE. Top rankers in GATE can get scholarships. For getting into a good engineering college, you require a very high rank. Joining a mediocre institution is not of much use, as employability of MTech graduates does not much differ from BTech graduates in India.

Abroad – Many countries have opened their doors and welcoming Indian students for higher studies. Best option for studying MTech abroad are – USA, Canada, UK, Germany and France. Amongst these, USA, Canada & UK are popular for many decades. Germany and France are also becoming popular due to quality education combined with very low cost and great employment opportunity. They are also providing many scholarships and part time working opportunity to attract students. There are some places where candidates can even pursue complete MTech course from a world leading universities in as low as 5 to 10 lac rupees and can get high paying jobs and settle in best part of the world. India and France also had pact of mutual recognition of educational degrees leading to many students opting for France as their studying destination.

Q. What is the process for studying in Canada after 12th?

A. Canada offers quality education followed by good working culture along with Indian diaspora. One can make Canada his dream destination for settling for life as the country is among the most developed, with high per capita income, safety and many Indians.

There are many Canadian universities where you can take admission. First you need to decide which course you want to pursue. You are also required to have a sufficient command over English language. Most universities require 6 to 6.5 of IELTS score. The process of taking admission in Canadian universities is – contact the university – submit your documents – take admission in your choice of course – take admission letter – apply for visa – pay your fees – fly to canada for studies.

What do you want to study?

MBBS                                    MD / MS from UK                                  MBA from UK                            MTech from France